Fetish Prostitute Who Takes Hostage of the Industrial Handyman

The woman, who went to the industry saying that there was a noise behind her vehicle, passed out when she saw the strong muscles of the master. There is no problem with your master car, the woman who got angry when she said that she had finished the checks, “how did you know right away, you didn’t even look!” she said. The lively man told him that he shouldn’t hold back and that he was too busy. Enraged, the woman beat the man and tied his hands. To punish him, he brought her inside and laid her on the couch. The man who found his dick in the woman’s mouth when the man did not expect it was shocked. The woman turned out to be very experienced and the man started to like this situation. The woman, who made the master crazy with pleasure, reached her goal and showed the man who is strong. After that, the master said, “When you come, I will take a better look at the back and front of your vehicle.”